I remember a time way back in late December
When I noticed all I wanted was you
It's been far too long now baby
I'm serving time thinkin' bout the things we used to do
In the midst of it all
I gotta say I'm feeling faded
In the morning I won't feel the same
If you can hear me Mrs Robinson
Please don't pre-judge a single one
Before you even learn my last name

Is it a terrible thing?
Yeah, the thing I bring
Every time I walk into the room
Fitted Levi's and boots or three-button suits
and rebel music that comes from the Sixties

There's a girl right now and she's lying in bed,
Wishin' that she wasn't at home
Daddy think that I'm bad and Mom's sure glad
That I won't be callin' her when she gets home

My friends say, "Zach it's gonna be alright,
there's no need to get all upset"
But my baby's in her room all afternoon
and her parents won't get off of her back
There's a little kid in me
that doesn't want to be
another broken-hearted day
Sometimes you can choose,
but, kid, you're gonna lose
And I've been losin' all week

That's what I say at night
When I call you on the telephone
Ask if you had a good time
Sometimes you say no, but baby?

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