I Pioneered This

[ VERSE 1 ]

The way I shine, I got splendor
I'm the real thing and not a pretender
You get the nerve to pop the fatal question
I'm takin the time to make a small suggestion
Bite or woof, you found is conveniency
Rappers I serve without mercy or leniency
No frame of mind, no heart, I'm relentless
Step to me, I'm knockin you senseless
I planted my seeds, so don't try to uproot me
You do better tryin to straight up shoot me
I'm not just a writer, I'm a real idealist
It won't be long until you try to steal this
Make your head swell till your eyes start to dilate
Yeah sucker, you better not violate
Not one MC in the world I'm afraid of
Have you screamin my name like your girl when I slayed her
This is the long cause I can't take a short take
Softer than cream between pieces of ???? cake
There's no chance of you havin a mistrial
The very next time that I get dissed I'll
Sit back and write a rhyme stronger than Hercules
Funky parts, I got back and I circle these
Put em together, fix the conjuction
Then I'ma bust rhymes till my brain malfunctions
Dare to degrade my name, that's perjury
War's declared, so prepare to have surgery
Cut you with a rhyme of such a high fidelity
Give a kick like a roll-on and you'se as soft as a melody
Since you're chalk my rhymes will erase ya
Want a piece of that ass so bad I could taste ya
Faced rappers from wack, ill, to even notorious
You may be clever, you'll be never victorious
I feel free now that I cleared this
How could I fell off, boy, I helped pioneer this

[ VERSE 2 ]

Violators, I go vic em
When I hear it's like "sick em!"
I transform just like a deceptagon
And once I step to you, boy, you're 'bout to be stepped upon
Say rhyme after rhyme back to back, so consecutive
Appointed rap's chairman, the highest executive
No time to grieve, you won't believe I slapped ya
Change the timeframe and still barely capture
Ask em who's their dad and if they're not sayin me
If he wasn't deceased, then he gotta be payin me
I'm super superb, Mister Fanstastic
No relation to drugs, but this is dope on plastic
Don't try to play heroic and be Mr Braveman
My rhymes become a whip and beat you down like a slavehand
If this is what you deserve I serve you with justice
Bein sharp as a pin and still can't bust this
Just name one time that Shan get jetted on
If you did get light, boy, now who you think shedded on?
My rhymes to your mind is like a breath to freshen up
This is not a threat, feel free about steppin up
Once I'm on I'll think about gettin off
Play me closer at a post and I bet that I be lettin off
Rap is a game that you shouldn't indulge in
My rhymes are so good they keep my pockets bulgin
To delight I sit back and write a rhyme like this one
Relax, grab the buddah and proceed to twist one
By then you might as tell your boys nice knowin ya
The next time they see ya, I'll probably be hoein ya
Cause I write rhymes in more than just two scoops
And Puma's the brand cause the Klan makes Troops
There's no competition cause there ain't no comp
Fuck around with this and get a mudhole stomp
I feel free now that I cleared this
How could I fell off, boy, I helped pioneer this

[ VERSE 3 ]
This throne is mine, I'll never sell or forfeit
So all you nooney rappers better get up off it
Although I been chillin met the villain that's still in me
But sayin I fell off is worse than killin me
Marley sets the time for the rhyme to be ready by
One-two-three (yo man, put him to beddy-bye)
You cease to exist, I be your pitfall
You think that this is harsh? That ain't shit, y'all
Placed in the ground in wood as encasement
Those that bluffed got stuffed in the basement
Most of the time myself I kept to
Attain the rep that you're scared to step to
Don't assume I leave, no room to evade
Gettin out, that I doubt, so prepare to be slaved
You're neither here nor there, I'm number uno, priority
Rhymes ????? shows my authority
Shanté, me, Bizzy and Kane are her protégés
Takin out ??Rush?? you know why? We know the way
We're down with the Juice, don't you think that's virtue
Dare to make fun of us and one of us'll hurt you
Whoever's the closest, I mean that the nearest will
Remove so many rappers you be callin us Clearasil
I feel free now that I cleared this
How could I fell off, boy, I helped pioneer this

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