One of the more peculiar things we've done is in this song We always liked the bridge of our song 'Never Said', from our 1992 release Star-Studded-Super-Step, so we decided to use it again Really We just placed that bridge right into the middle of this song and that was that To makes things even stranger, we inserted the sounds of a squeaky rat toy over the top of it during mixing After loading it up with lots of reverb and delay, it's pretty hard to tell but now you know The result, of course, is a song that sounds straight out of the circus
'Enough' doesn't particularly have a running theme, except for the chorus The verses flip from imagery of being total evil in inself "i've a bruise on my head" (read the account of the fall of man, book of Genesis) to putting aside the working of Christ in our lives entirely "another cup of nothing" The chorus proclaims the knowledge of knowing what is wrong and right, but the difficultly, of course, is acting upon it The song is wrapped up in the final verse "this is written on me, Christ is everything" indeed, He is

and is the worst all over
did my dreams go south or
I've a bruise on my head
does it show?
my words sound so strange to me
thought that I was strong
but now I'm feeling empty
and so low
another cup of nothing
cause I think I'm full
and my hands are trembling
for a soul
wait, don't count me down or lost
(I know what's real)
I've held - I've held His hands
I know the cost
this is written on me
Christ is everything
wait, don't count me down or lost
(I know what's real)
I've held - I've held His hands
I know the cost

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