Letra da música de Rodney Crowell: Who Do You Trust

Who Do You Trust

Know me if you must
But don't try to make my life easy
I don't wanna be somebody
That I can't better be

I don't wanna stand in the back
When I can't sit down in the front
I don't wanna laugh about ol' Jack
An' I don't wanna [Incomprehensible]

Who do you trust?
Who do you wanna put your faith in?

You know how to live
Somewhat better than the rest
You know how to be somebody
Who not put to the test

Upside down and inside out
You don't ever stumble
You know what you're talking about
You don't ever fumble

Who do you trust?
Who do you wanna put your faith in?

They say that your love conquers all
But they don't tell you who to call
Somebody play something right now

If I do unto others
The way I want it done to me
Then I'll get into heaven, well
I guess we'll have to wait and see

This life is a game of hide and don't seek
And I don't know where I stand
'Cause when I turn the other cheek
She hits me with the other hand

Who do you trust?
Who do you wanna put your faith in?

They say that time use every wind
Guess we have to just stay tuned
And that same old road outside my door
Always leaves me wanting more

Who do you trust?

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