With your eyes closed
Ears peeled to the ceiling
Jammed between stations
It's slips
Like the forest into night
Like a flare burning bright
It came

What were you doing
What were you thinking?
Just screwing around again
And then it came to you in a flash
Like a messenger from the past
It came

Here, here, it's come back to see ya
And it feels good to be warmed by it's fire
Please, please don't leave, no stay for a while
A while

Offer a reward, dead or alive, ancient or newborn
And damn all the others who said that they've had her
Cause it don't really matter if it comes

Silence surrounds you in the eye of a hurricane
Methods confound you
While you wait like a freighter at the gate
Like a lover on the make
For it to come

And yes, yes it's come back just to see ya
And don't it feel good by it's fire
Please, please don't leave, no stay for a while
For a while

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