Текст песни Austin Cunningham: My New Old Friend

My New Old Friend

It was '76 an' we were flyin' high
We were writin' our names in the Texas sky
Kindred spirits underneath our cowboy hats
Free as the air, we were livin' large
Young and immortal we were in charge
Of the whole wide world, it was simple as that

It was ridin' them bulls and ropin' them calves
Winnin' just enough money to buy enough gas
To get us back home so we could do it all over again
It was pickin' and grinnin' around a campfire
Stretchin' our stories 'til we became liars
Without shame, that's how we lived back then

My new old friend
Come and sit awhile and tell me how you've been
It does my heart good to see you again
My new old friend

Well I think I might have a couple cold beers
And if you feel up to rollin' back the years
I'd love to hear 'bout the road you've walked down
As for me there've been rivers crossed
Bridges burned and good love lost
But few regrets I've had to crawl my way around

Hey've I've been there, I know what you mean
Things sure were simpler at seventeen
But did you ever think we'd ever live this long anyway?
Well here we are and I can already see
Someday, tonight'll be a memory
I'll be glad we shared 'til my dying day


We sure made it through some crazy stuff
You want one more?
Naw, I've had enough
It's gettin' late and Barbara'll think you're lost
It's scary how fast the years have flown
But sittin' 'cross, from you I should've known
We'd be able to pick up right where we left off

Now I don't wanna get too weird or nothin'
But I sure have missed you and I've sure been wantin'
To try a little harder and maybe stay in touch


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