Текст песни Bad Ronald: Bad Idea

Bad Idea

It was a bad idea
but I had to follow through
she had no idea what i wanted to do
it was a bad idea
but i had to hit it anyway
Candy caught my eye when she walked by lookin' like a freak
i leaned over kissed her on the cheek
i was being careful not to move too fast
but she smiled when i gave her a backstage pass
a real star fucker, she put me to the test
then i noticed Doug Ray tattooed on her breast
i thought i was blessed to meet this treat
candy had a place right down the street
it didn't take long to achieve my goal
and i lost control of mind, body and soul
let me tell you how i got my pumas stolen
it was a summer day and the sky was golden
i was having a slice down on university
and in comes a cutie, about 5 foot 3
caught her checking me out so i flashed a smile
introduced myself cause thats my style
she said "yeah i know you, i love your CD"
"i know all your rhymes, you're my favorite MC"
quick to the point no time at all
snuck on in to her residence hall
in ten minutes flat we were both butt naked
kid was screaming and yelling yo i just couldn't take it
her roommate got pissed while we fucked in her bed
bitch stole my pumas while i was getting head
i cant believe im never ever gonna see you again
you were more than a lover, you was also a friend
the things i learned, in just one night
when i say goodbye, it'll be alright, alright, alright!
now people let me tell you 'bout this girl Suzanne
met her at the bar and i was like god damn!
she didn't have a man, no drink in her hand
bought her a shot and took her back to the van
she was tall, slim and tan A White Owl fan
asked if i would take part in some perverted plan?
she dropped her skirt, she had another head
i lost my pride in that groupie's bed
CHORUS (till end)

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