Текст песни Busta Rhymes: Turn Me Up Some

Turn Me Up Some

(Yeah), Turn me up some (Redman)
(Busta)Fuck goin' on?,Yo!,Uncle Darren,What up brother
Yeah, Yeah Flipmode
See we got a wholewe got a gift wrapped package for you mother fuckers
Yeah Yo Yo Yo Yeah

Bust it, I stay rippin' a niggah track so hotter than wax yo so tell me why you act so?Yo I max 'cause I make make a niggah black 'til it's time to relax yo or 'til you all collapse so
Fuck it it's hardly that the god is gettin' tired you don't wanna say that could catch a cardiac relapse niggah (what)the god is back see you don't want nothing no matter how you react, blows to black and blue you frontin' ya back choose whatever the route that you choose ,wounds so herendous from frensicsing it to analyzing the bruise blows we never come in singular they commin' in twos, my crew be startin' the ruckus once I give them the cues to blast from the triggers that'll bust from all of my dudes,be the shit that make you niggahs run up outta ya shoes we make you back down havin' the facts down with all the noise we be makin' you could even see the shit on the news (word up) See you don't know nothing about it

Turn me up some
Yo, the heat from off the street'll burn you up some,the shit i'm sure to spit'll hurt you up some, i'm sayin', but you don't know nothing about it
Turn me up some
I drink a fifth of yak and url it up some ,Yo, just bang it in the truck and turn it up some, i'm sayin',
now watch me dead a niggah fast like them bitches with no ass you corny niggahs low class, Yo, I flash on them then I go and smash couple a hoes and then splash on them, flickin' a 'lil ash on themfrom the blunt we smokin'keep a chick chokin', got them open with flows I suppose and make them soak in they clothes , keep the shit that make them sniff and make them open they nose, got them fucked up stuck like they strikin' a pose yo,we gainin' weight na it's just my pockets is swole from keepin'niggahs wilin' wild they drivin' smackin' the pole (a one two)Yeah, see perhaps while i hold me a stack hater niggahsblock holdin' me back yo you fool niggahs plottin' 'gainst the god best be holdin' a strap, 'cause how we commin' through you know it's a rapMove with a crew of guerilla dudes who know when to clap or blow some shit from off of the earth or the face of the map ,yo so take that, once we give it to you ain't no fakin' a jack It's funny how you find your face in a trap, little bitch niggah frontin' like he ready to scrap, you better off actin' pussy tryna gimmie a DATStayin' focus on fulfillin' a dream the way we spark up and spit a fire the flame probably killin' your team , fuck it, see now we harbor helicoptersturn the shit up, if you and your peoples ain't hearin' me proper I'm sayin'see you don't know nothing about it

Hook (Chorus)

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