Текст песни Da Brat Tyrese: Just The Two Of Us

Just The Two Of Us

now daddy this is a very sensitive subject

from the first time the docter placed u in my arms i new id meet death b4 i let u harmed all though questions arose in my mind
would i be man enough against rong choose right and b standin up
from the hospital that first night took a hour jus to get the car seat in right
people drivin all fast got me kinda upset got u home safe placed u in ur basonet
that night i dont think one week i slept
as i sliped out my bed to u crib i crept
touched ur head gently felt my heart melt cuz i knew i loved u more than life itself
and to my kness i beg the lord plaese let me b a good daddy all he needs
love,knowledege disipline too i pledge my life to u

just the two of us we can make it if we try just the 2 of us just the two of us
just the 2 of us building castles in the sky just the two of us u and i

5 years old bringin comedy evrey time i look at u i think man a lil me juss like me gunna b tall
makes me laugh cause u got ur dads ears and all
sometimes i wonder what u gonna be a genarel a doctor maybe a mc
i wanna kiss u all the time but i will test that but when u cut out of line
true dat ah ah why u do that i try to be a tough dad but u be makin me laugh crazy joy
when i see the eyes of my baby boy
i pledge to u i will always do everything i can
show u how to be a man dignity entegerty honoran
i dont mind if u loose as long as u came wit it
and u can cry aint no shame in it
it diddnt work out wit me and ur mom
but yo push come to shove u were concived in love

so if the world attacks and u slide
off track remember 1 fact i got your back
just the 2 of us we can make it if we try juss the 2 of us
just the two of us building castles in the sky
just the two of us u and i

its a full time job to b a good dad
u got so much more stuff than i had
i got to study juss to keep wit the changin time 101 dalmations on ur cd rom
c me im tryin to pretend i knoe on my pc where that cd go
but yo aint nottin promised 1 day ill be gone
feel the strike but trust life does go on
but juss incase its my pplace to embark
one day some girls gonna break your heart
aint no pain like from the oppisit sex

gonna hurt bad but dont take it out on the next son
through out life people gunna make u mad
disrespect u and treat u bad
let god deal wit the things they do
cuz hate in ur heart will comsume u to

always tell the truth
say ur prayers
hold doors pull out chairs
easy on the swears

ur livin proof that dreams come true
i luv u and im heare 4 u

just the 2 of us
we can make it if we try
just the 2 of us
just the 2 of us
buildin castles in the sky
just the two of us
(repeats til song fades and ends)

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