Текст песни DJ Honda: Real to Me

Real to Me

f/ Head Crack, Jkeon, Triple Seis

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[Triple Seis]

uhh huh, it's what's real to me
staying up ( fucus )dj honda
getcha mind right

[Chorus: Jkeon]

faded visions of what I could be
So let me show you what is real to me
Money, success and my family, to survive in the streets
That's what's real to me

[Triple Seis]

who ever thought it would happen like this
rockin' these hits, poppin' these clips
going over seas and making these chips, stop doing the dirt
and going legit, cause if I stay in the street I'ma fall in the pit
it ain't about the money it's about gettin' quick
so I'll probably get locked, cause I'm playing the strip
since the QB spotted these corner flips, I aint trying to get knocked
nigga that's common sense, trying to be on top so I could represent
FULL A CLIPS to the death of me, I keep it moving with Cuban right next to me
It's like destiny, no matter how tight shit get
He keeps blessing me, keep testing me, to change the whole recipe
Carry the choice live out the whole legacy
I can't call it, if it's ment to be, it's ment to be
this aint a game my life is in jepardy, make sure you ready to die
Before you step to me, why you even telling me lies on ecstasy
Hatin' like you all that fire, I know as well I see


[Head Crack]

I zone on tracks, I'm lost in this earth were we at
the only source of money is crack, pertecting is gats
I'm hurting inside, look at my tacks it forced me to be a thug
with a heart to clap, I feel like a animal trapped
up in this cage of life, fighting for freedom
Busting gats what we teach them
the young youth for good reasons, be smart
Braveheart, protect your family, let the rest starve
6/15/76 I hit the earth
11:22 thats the time my mom gave birth
a star was born, at the same time my heart was torn
Pops gone but fuck it doe cause life goes on
I gotta stand strong, I gotta make my moms proud
and make my grams laugh in heaven
let her know I'm still counting the blessings
I rock a vest for protecting
and rock a nigga to sleep with a smith & wesson
a little gat have a big nigga undressing
My heart pure I spit raw, a flow like this, there's no cure
I said I lose it put it on track, mash music in the thug form
that got the hood singing my song


[Triple Seis] lalalalalalalalalalalalalalaahh

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