Текст песни Do Or Die: Do U? (Feat Twista & Johnny P)

Do U? (Feat Twista & Johnny P)

Huh Yea baby girl, you know how it's going down 2003, Do or Die, JP, Twista still
[Verse 1]
Well, when I heard a knock at the door Must of been the girl that I met on the lo She real thick, nice shape 5-4 Had a few here so we head to the show Afterward we hit the Mo Mo Mo Yes stay click, in the Expo I'm city sharp, buy the mink to the floor Damn natural, never walk from the store Gimmie a minute, and get down with a pro P I M P P O get a few friend like a party fa sho We can hit a tune like my homie Debo All in the mall buying Avirex, we can sport mine called SEX Platinum link, all in effect I can pick head but I'm a bad for a check In the truck though, so I can hop in the Lex Baby got back, but I'm trying to relax PLAYER, giving her eyes Then we head to the bar Never give her money, cuz she know she a star Did you wanna ride in my car?
Do you? (Do you? Do you? Do you?) 23's like Jordan on the Escalade Got a pound of dro' girl, if you wanna blaze You can let your hair down, while the AC blow Before you get in, I just need to know Do you? (Do you? Do you? Do you?) I'll keep it on the low Do you? Do you?
[Verse 2]
In the mood, like yes y'all Rather be, let it test y'all Light the B if it's special Can I undress to relax y'all Well, stretch out like a Lex ball If it's that raw, to the chests with the Remy Like a slug with your vest off Let me touch it, if it's that soft And relieving in the menopause I can't believe how they sent them off Took the number then I'm in the mall Being grinning bout to spend them all Just balling, shot shot calling Holla at my dogg while they sipping alcohol Really want to kick it, but they all just stalling 6 dime pieces, checking out my pausing They looking like ooh, he flossing Baby girl, I don't do this often In the 5 double 0 for sho' We still ride the Cadil

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