Текст песни Fates Warning: Kyrie Eleison

Kyrie Eleison

Never thought my time was coming
Wasn't in my dreams
Twice I visioned I was falling down,
Down to the ground, I screamed out loud,
Woke on a cloud
Never really a holy man even though
I understand the father son and Holy Ghost
He's the on that scares me most
Ashes to rain you feel no pain

Hell fire burns my conscience My mind explodes
Spine is severed, blood runs cold, confess the
Deepest of sin, invision a king
With a white violin
Crucifix hung above my death bed begins
To bleed
Imagination, lunacy, has he come to hear my plea,
Grant absolution condone my sin

The lady in black I ask what do you see
A glimpse in your glass what good
Fortune for me
The lady in black said your lifeline is damned
The tarot of death card she held in her hand

Kyrie Eleison Christe Eleison
Kyrie Eleison Christe Eleison

Segments of my life flash through my mind
Things never seen
It must be fate warning me for now
The walls are closing in Rosary in Hand,
Lost grain of sand
Here I go I start to fall again

Try to scream I'm mute it is the
End of my last fall
To the land of nevermore
Shatter her glass I woke on the floor

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