Текст песни FunkDoobiest: Que Sera Sera

Que Sera Sera

Verse 1:
We used to go to school with this girl
she wore the fat truck earings and the diamonds and pearls
angel on the catfish straight "A" scholarship
smart career, had it all, all brains and I'll admit
with the face of a goddess, packed a real boddess
I mean nobody was the hottest
around the way fine she was looking real decent
graduated soon, I aint seen her recent
till one night I rolled out pretty far
she was shaking her ass and getting loud at the bar
90 pounds heavy with the rolls on her belly
and her underarms smelly
what happened to my class queen?
I mean her breath was stinking, fought off with the apple sheen
speed freak in a g-string dancing
teasing me, plus telling me I'm handsome
looked like she had enough to keep herself up
that's what they told me cause I had swelter

Que Sera Sera was ment to be, its gonna be
Que Sera Sera was ment to be, its gonna be

Verse 2:
We used to run around town in static cane
my crew was automatically down, drinking
hanging with the fellas on the corner
if full pulled up replied your a gonner
pay backs a bitch and you best watch your back
I laughed in his face he was grazed off tracks
he rolled out angry, homie look alert
fuck that we don't need no one hurt
off the trouble nine scents of manic deprescent
crack that adolescent tell one doubt not
I heard her shout bang out, right on the corner
where all my homies hang out
he killed the boy all unexpected
now he thinks his hood should respect him
no one should die cause of me
I scalped your bitch and ruptured her spline
me and my crew know where he stay at
fools been warned so here's your pay back

Que Sera Sera was ment to be, its gonna be
Que Sera Sera was ment to be, its gonna be



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