Текст песни Gaelic Storm: The Leaving Of Liverpool

The Leaving Of Liverpool

Fare thee well to Prince's Landing Stage
Mersey River, fare thee well
I am bound for California
It's a place that I know right well

So fare thee well, my own true love
When I return united we will be
It's not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me
But my darling when I think of thee

Oh I have signed on a yankee clipper ship
Davy Crockett is her name
And Burgess is the captain of her
And they say that she's a floating shame


Oh I have sailed with Burgess once before
And I think that I know him quite well
For if a man is a sailor, he can get along
If not, then he's sure in hell


The sun is on the harbour, love
And I wish that I could remain
Because I know it will be a long long time
Before I see you again


Farewell to Lower Frederick's Street,
Anson Terrace and Park Lane;
For I think it will be a long, long time
Before I see you again


Oh the tug is waiting at the Pier Head
To take us down the stream
Her sales are loose and the anchors stowed
So fare thee well again

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