Текст песни Jimmie Dale Gilmore: Chase The Wind

Chase The Wind

When he first knew this beauty
He brought no flowers
And she never asked him why
Although she shared his love of duty

He chased the wind in search of glory
She went beside him
Till he tried to reach the sky
Then she would wait to hear his story

And love was all that stayed between them
Music always played between them
Only gifts relate between them
But they could not see them for each other
Lovers for a sister and a brother

And then at last they found the real one
When she grew tired
He held her hand and made her strong
When a treasure is yours no need to steal one

And now the children are growing
She sometimes understands
The past can't last this long
The journey is worth the price of going

And love will always stay around them
Music always play around them
And the gifts that lay around them
Tokens of the lover and the friend
Telling them that they have caught the wind
Telling them that they have caught the wind

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