Текст песни John Mayall: I Can't Complain

I Can't Complain

The taxman came knockin' on my door,
I said I already gave, he said he wanted some more
Then my house burned down on a hot summer day,
When I saw the smoke clear, didn't know what to say,
But come what may, I guess I'll be ok,
I can't complain

Got me a broken leg, actin' like a fool,
Jumped off my balcony and missed the pool
Now my doctor's tellin' me that I'm eatin' too much fat
Sayin' high cholesterol just ain't where it's at (not how can Mr Mo just aim where it's at)
They ask me any day, tell you what I say
I can't complain

My car's a lemom now (not 11 now), it's just broken down,
For the 100th time, I can't get across town
I never got invited to a Grammy show,
If my luck ever changes, I really don't know
Ask me any day, tell you what I say,
I can't complain

It's how you look at it, your attitude
You can't get through life without gratitude
You can always make a list of what 's going wrong,
But your list of blessings will be 2 as long

Don't know if this song will ever make the chart,
Don't know what machines are gonna fall apart
But I know for certain I can talk about the blues
One thing's for sure, you know I paid my dues
Ask me any day, tell you what I say,
I can't complain

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