The reddest wine
The sweetest line
We're coming back
It's killing time
I'd like you to know that we're very upset
You're stupid songs that you wrote all wrong
We're better off now that you're gone
I'd like you to know that we're very upset
Bridges and terms we can't even say
Chemists agree we're better this way but we don't even care
We're running on fumes now it's great
Decisions I can't contemplate
You're running on "jd" and fate
Cry no more
The quickest hands
The fakest heart
A bitter end
A lovely start
You'd like us to know you're very upset
The finest cars
The crowded bars
The bloody nights
We've gone too far
You'd like us to know you're very upset
I've noticed a sugarcoat pack of words
You've grown this, a laughable looking war
And I still believe in a marketing scheme that daddy could never dream
A nightmare for you, a goldrush for me
Your keyboard will pull you through with electric beats and heavy metal leads
Well baby, that don't fly with me
(and we really don't care)

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