Текст песни Les Miserables: The First Attack

The First Attack

[Enjolras gives Valjean a gun]

Take this and use it well!
But if you shoot us in the back,
You'll never live to tell

Random Voices
Platoon of sappers advancing toward the barricade!
Troops behind them, fifty men or more!


[Gunfire is heard]


[Valjean shoots a sniper who is aiming at Enjolras]

See how they run away!

By God we've won the day!

They will be back again,
Make an attack again

[To Valjean]

For your presence of mind
For the deed you have done
I will thank you M'sieur
When our battle is won

Give me no thanks M'sieur
There is something that you can do

If it is in my power

Give me the spy Javert
Let me take care of him

The law is inside out
The world is upside down

Do what you have to do,
The man belongs to you

The enemy may be regrouping Hold yourself in readiness
Come my friends, back to your positions
The night is falling fast

[Valjean has taken Javert away]

We meet again

You've hungered for this all your life;
Take your revenge!
How right you should kill with a knife!

[Valjean cuts the ropes which bind Javert]

You talk too much,
Your life is safe in my hands

I don't understand

Get out of here

Valjean, take care,
I'm warning you

Clear out of here

Once a thief, forever a thief
What you want you always steal!
You would trade your life for mine
Yes, Valjean, you want a deal
Shoot me now for all I care!
If you let me go beware
You'll still answer to Javert!

You are wrong, and always have been wrong
I'm a man, no worse than any man
You are free, and there are no conditions,
No bargains or petitions
There's nothing that I blame you for
You've done your duty, nothing more
If I come out of this alive, you'll find me
At number fifty-five Rue Plumet
No doubt our paths will cross again

[Valjean fires his gun into the air, Javert leaves quickly

Muted applause from the students who think Javert has been shot]

Courfeyrac, you take the watch
They won't attack until it's light
Everybody stay awake
We must be ready for the fight
For the final fight
Let no one sleep tonight!

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