Текст песни Running Wild: Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon

Red hot steel and thunder, fast and raging
The steely arrow shoots into the night
Heading for the unknown into darkness
Well equiped to see the other side

Hold on, time is right to dig the lie
Watch out, the truth will come to light

The skids are touching ground, dying engine
You're climbing off, you're switching on the lights
You're walking on the moon, the world of silence
But it tells you all the secrets that it hides

Man on the moon, prowler of the night
Man on the moon, tell man the secrets that you hide

You see the ball of light, the steely saucer
They're watching you and every step you'll make
Your superiors they told you that's fiction
But what they said was nothing but a fake

So what's the point in sending out their spaceships
To look for something you should never find
Why they try to keep mankind away from knowledge
The cloven hoof is the secret that's behind

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