25 Ta Life

f/ Mahasin

Here to explain to you 25 to life
It's not no criminal shit
But then again it is
It's some lyrical shit
From the abyss

[ VERSE 1: Saafir ]

What else am I to do, I'm not seein no more
Revenue, I try to detach myself from life
So catastrophies never grace my path
I couldn't never play (what?) the part, so I started
With heartmarkers never mark me
I never crossed the Parker's Brothers path
The absent minded applicant denied
See, these rhymes are designed to stretch the skin
Anticipation of the Junction
Jerkin your ass into a ??? worker answer to fly by night
Vision emulates precision
A trait for greatness related to liquidation of the character
When animation consumes your whole conversation like vapor
I'ma mangle that ass like a acre, I'm a get-paider
You're on my land, my ancestor's mindstate
Make platinum in the ears of a large resident
I be in charge of the canibal's canabis
Where hot shit, ain't no fannin this, when I write it's 25 to life

(For every rhyme I write it's 25 to life) --> Havoc

[ Saafir ]

25 to life
It's a mindstate, straight up and down
Stay hard
In your foundation keep mobbin
Don't slip like these gased at paid niggas

[ VERSE 2: Mahasin ]

I get a strike every time I touch the mic
Marks got a bounty on my head from scripts read
Mahasin lyric assassin leave yo ass for dead
You have no stamina, amateur
And don't know my caliber
I make the party say ho at the show
From the verbal calico with nuff ammo
Quick to clown these tricks and these broads
Cause they rhymes ain't hard
Wack MC walk away scarred
Cause they didn't know what they was in fo'
Didn't have the proper info
I'm an underground soldier savage on the rhyme
And I'm goin for mine, can't knock it
Dare not try to stop it
Can't get with the sick shit that I spit
I ain't yo punk bitch
You have no stash, so how can you profit?
Rob you of your props, run, get the cops
But I'll disappear into thin air
Make your life a misdemeanor
Know what I mean, huh?
Crime scene clean smooth getaway

[ Saafir ]

Can't be seen
But we the usual suspectuals
You can find us
All you gotta do is look baby

[ VERSE 3: Saafir ]

Mentally I'm here, Saafir is focused like Minolta
Yoko Ono couldn't sow no linen like this
I'm on the john shittin these writtens
Lickin my fingers like a banker
Swingin it like a shanker
Paint a picture like a Van Gogh
Flow faster than a locomotive
I bounced a hoe as sho' as holdin my balls like boulders
Bustin shots through the holster
A quarter century
To life means describin the lyrical pimp in me (bitch)
When I write for the likes of criminals at night
Striking through the night for life

Junction riders
Puttin it down
Deflectin these hate rays
From '98 to whatever
That's how it goes down
West Oakland solider

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