Who Wants This?

Hey big J
Did you read the headlines today
Some are sayin that it's very odd
People killing for the love of god
Stop drop roll listen
If you missed the gist son kid here's what you're missin
Like it or not what's getting lost
Is the truth like laugh lines hit with Botox
The rich get tax cuts and pardons
The poor stay poor and keep starvin
Isn't it alarming that we're arming enemies while we just look on
The people need the light right now so here's the book on

CEO's PO's and other liars
Holy shit Ranger Rick is Starting fires
It keeps coming and coming and coming like Michael Meyers
And you can hear my latest gem now on FBI wires
So if you're feeling this stick your fists up
Get your gets up, ladies arch your backs and point your tits up
If you're mixed up listen up here's the score
Say it straight, fuck the metaphors!

Who Wants This? (4x's)
It's time to kill the dark turn you're lights on
If you're feeling like I'm feeling sing my fight song
Or we'll see what it's like with our rights gone

Now who wants the same shit from Monday to Sunday
Some may, but some way, it's gonna stop some day
Through my window sometimes I see visions
Of battalions and civilians and can't tell who are the villains
What's the difference - we're all in this when shit's hittin'
We all got courtside seats to Armageddon
We all gotta walk if the engine stops
We're all gonna fall when the bubble pops
CPA's, VP's, VIP's, NYPD
Supreme court justices to peanut galleries
Presidents descended from family dynasties
To the homeless resting on cardboard in the streets
Cuz you can get robbed blind by Wall street banking
Worse than at St Mark's and Franklin
Thanks to stickup kids in ties and white collars
Who worship the almighty dollar, so holl

Who Wants This? (4x's)
When the fix is in before you run the race
Is it too late for a change of pace?
The destruction, the corruption