Neither One of Us


Thinkin about you
Your thinkin about me
we both know it's weong but thats the way it should be
I'm always on ya mind
you say you want me bad
but things can't go further cuz you got yo babys dad
You spend alotta doe
But not enough time
Thats the reason why i get that ass from behind
Never do ya frown yo
when he's outta town yo
You Can get back if you keep it on the down low
Don't know what it is,
I guess you gotta give that makes me wanna leave the one I'm with,
The shit that I got will leave yoiu screamin like an actress,
Leavin wet spots on you & ya best matress, we practice
We gotta shuffle on da catctuss ya all on my shit cuz ya man needs practice,
shits gettin heated,
ya know how we kick it,
So if you wanna keep it,
It gotta be a secret, so

Neither one of us
Neither one of us
Neither one of us ain;t got to tell cuz
Cuz Neither one of us
Neither one of us wanna say fare well,
I'm thinkin about ya dick I know ya got plenty cuz of the the flowers that ya
send me me,
and we be drinkin n- playin rimmy but ya gots ta wear a Jimmy,
Cuz I gotta man and he acn't understand that he can't do what you do,
and she can't do what I can,
Love tha way you watch me werain your bitsatche,
thinkin 'bout my na na,
what are we to do,
caught up in this mix,
I'm in love with your clit,
Im in love with your dick,
reapeat chorus