September 10th

I'd like to think this is the last song for her, but I've been know to be wrong
Seriously, this time I think I mean it,
because two years and a day seems like a good length for this crappy movie
And as much as I want her, I can't let it run my whole life
So here's my letter, a goodbye to these obsessive thoughts,
and we will have these records of our lives
That's what you've got from me
Don't ask just how we'll meet, or when that time will be,
but I'm convinced my life's a movie and good things will come this way eventually
Because I'm releasing the good vibes on the stereo and it's shocking
If all I can be is a memory, then that's all I want to be
I want this to be a celebration
Fuck this
You never had a reason
Fuck this
I know you wanted to say no
Fuck this
Tell me you had your reasons
Fuck this
I never got to see you go