Rizzo In The Box

I'm always around you to show you that I care, but I don't know what for
It seems
to me that you couldn't care less so I'm not gonna do it anymore
I see no reason why I've placed such a value on you,
but my thoughts have changed now,
I've opened my eyes and now I'm through
Looking back at my short life, the few pleasures that I've found,
all your misconceptions pummel me to the ground
Now, I look at your small life and it doesn't mean a bit I pick myself
up off the ground 'cause I don't give a shit
They say all good things come to an end, I wish this didn't apply
You were once someone I called my friend but that's all changed now
and I don't know why
Things are very different now
You've got nothing to say
It's sad when someone you know very well decides to fucking die and go away