Those Who Have Eyes

[based on "Those Who have Eyes to See Will See" by Willie Christopher Tucker]

Eight months pregnant
Homeless crack addict
from the south side of town
Angel All alone

Can't decide
If to confide

Caught in a lifestyle
for which she knows no relief
Day after day,
Night after night,
utterly impoverished
surrounded by filth
and wishing she were dead

Low self- esteem,
only seventeen

Been molested,
been raped,
been beaten to the ground
been molested,
been raped,
by the men that promised
to keep her safe and sound

Low self- esteem,
only seventeen

Forced to sell her body
and tormented soul -
and wishing she were dead

Talking to her unborn child -
no one else listens to what she says
"How long God must I suffer this way,
Please don't force me to endure another day"

Angel is pregnant -
baby, one month due
I remember her say -
those who have eyes to see
Will see

In what she said
I surmised
That look on her face -
with tears in her eyes

To escape her pain
she decides life ain't worth livin'
Angel walks into the path
of the Marta Train,
The nine forty- five