Trippin Me Out

You trip me out sho nuff when you stroll up you make niggas fold up I be like
peeping your ways push the pedel pushing to see braids got my mind in a daze
you look sweeter than glaze blame the game Mr Hayes once you playin hard to
get you got me running triple plays fools snicker buying shot of liquor all
down chase the cat so a it's a must that I sick her hands playing,pretty face
and toes, take a picture we pose, it's either choose or get chose, the I turn up
my nose, you be chose by a bachelor, I just had to distract you for a minute ,
then halla at you, if not Victoria then I'll snatch ya, cause your status is
knock action, spend sometimes with Poyo I ain't hard to adapt to, if you have to
just give me thought, see what I'm about, ain't no secert, no doubt,I can't lie
you trppin me out
Trippin me out, (trippin me out) trippin me out (trippin me out) Oh
she's trippin me out, got me saying man hold up (repeat 1x)
Life with me when I list what me and you have, say strickly bout the cash, not
only bout the a$$, that's how I got this as cla$$, now I got my own pad and I
rock my own ice, peep for realing me huh, that's why you look twice, vision Snow
in your life, holding you tight, relieving your stress as I caress you through
the night, I'm gonna keep it tight to make sure wer're both right, no fuss or
fight we can blow like dinomite, with you handling your business and me handling
mine with us both on the grind, we can't help but to shine, as far as time, baby
we got for ever, but for right now, lets concentrate on this cheddar, and
reaching higher levels, sporting diamond belzels, can you imagine the sh*t that
we can have together, me trippin, never, down for whatever, Snow and Poyo it
don't get no better, what, what
(chorus) repeat 2x's
I ain't trippin, I'm just stund cause you the bomb, I could see us in the six,
flippin like a bataun, you set off my alarm, when you walk you perform, spotted
you in crowd, pick you like a pecan, when it's pop it's don, lets discuss how to
increase our funds, I know it drives you crazy when you talking digits baby,
ain't nothing shady about this lady, everything is everything, I put it down for
you daily, you got me falling baby, on top of that I can hear your body calling
baby, in the impala, so you know I'm boss ballin baby, steady crawlin and the
motor ain't stallin baby, it's all gravy, on sight you hooked, when you spoke
you shook me, first impressions be the trip, but you immediately took me, I'm
far from a rookie, star status of course, your the gas on the blaze got me in
like the torch, that's why I want you buy my side so I flaunt you, you don't
want a square there, you want a thug nigga don't you, this here is the corner,
stretch off in the night and everythings gonna be alright, it's going down (it's going down)
(chorus) repeat 2x's