Her eyes are closed now
That final breath is near
She lets go of my hand
And I'm falling to
A sea of tears

I serach for the trail
That we were both riding
Lost sometime ago

Now I'm stranded on the mountain's edge
And there's only one way back

Down and down I go
Into the ground where the bad seeds are sown
Take route and pull me further in

Long and long and longer it takes
Gool luck's gone and there's no more bracke
Just the ground beneath
That shakes and gives way

Swallowed up home
There ain't much now I can pull
No stuntman suprises
Or Houdini that disgueses
For death defying escape

Avoid the tap on the shoulder
From that one with the long black cape

Just to see those eyes of her shine
Is worth any sum or length of time
That would fill that space where her love
Once flowed

But the more I resist
The further and further I drift
Get swept out in the riptide

My heart in me wants
To lie 'neath the waves of sorrow and tears
Sink to the bottom and linger there
The rest of my years

Walk among the mild sea (?) bones
Of my fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers
Feel their blood flowing, they
Send the soul it's way