Sångtext Daryl Hall & John Oates: Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Lyrics & Music: Daryl Hall, Sara Allen, Janna Allen

When you find yourself alone
and when going out is coming home
you can count on "the kid"
'cause there's nobody waiting around

If you're not an easy mark
it's a shot in the dark that hits the heart
and I know when it's coming
(I thought so anyway)

Some things stay the some
and some are due for change
I thought I had them all nailed down
but you turned it around


You did it
you did it
you did it
you did it
you did it in a minute

Well I still can't say I know
when a love is real or touch and go
and if two can be one,
who is the one two becomes?

Am I quick enough to see
when I'm ready and it's right for me
I say that I want it
(I think so anyway)

Everybody always laughs at love
but what they want is to be proven wrong
then you came along