The Big Crash

Well she's always been a good good girl
But she's always lived in her own world
Stealing makeup from her mommy's purse
And her mother said it only got worse

Well she ran with kids much older
She did all the things they told her to do
Doin' crazy things because they were in
Now shes heading for the big crash
She's running with the white trash
The girl is moving too fast
She's heading for the big crash
The big crash, the big crash

Well I wish she'd listen to me
And I'd tell her 'bout the things that she doesn't see
Tell her now before it gets too late
That she's heading for the big crach

She thinks that she's all grown up now
She thinks that she's cool enough now
When will she realize that they're cutting her down to size
The big crash
The girls moving too fast-heading for the big crash
Goin' places where she shouldn't have been
Doin' crazy things because they were in