Lets Stay Together

I never felt the wind so cold
Until I had to walk alone (without you girl)
I never knew what it was to be a man
Well let me show you baby
cause now I understand

I never thought itd hurt so bad
You never know til you lose what you had
I dont need to waste time runnin around all over town
Now I know where to find true lovin

And I knew the first time that I ever seen you

Lets stay together girl it would be so nice
If we just hold on and stay together
Everything will be alright(well be alright)

Tell me why it feels so strong (tell me baby, tell me baby)
The years roll by, but stil this heart you own
I never felt a love so completely
Dont you know were riding on destiny

And I knew the first time that I ever seen you


Ooh girl you got me
cause when I wake up
Youre the first thing on my mind

Tomorrow will be
So lets leave the past behind
Just let me lead you
To our happy ever after

And girl when we arrive
Why dont we stay awhile

Chorus out