Elmers Tune

Why are the stars always winkin' and blinkin' above?
What makes a fella' start thinkin' of fallin' in love?
It's not the season The reason, it's plain as the moon,
It's just Elmer's tune
What makes a lady of eighty go out on the loose?
Why does a gander meander in search of a goose?
What puts the kick in a chicken, the magic in June?
It's just Elmer's tune
Listen! Listen! There's a lot you're liable to me missin'
Sing it! Swing it any ol' way and any ol' time
The hurdy-gurdies, the birdies, the cop on the beat,
The candy maker, the baker, the man on the street,
The city charmer, the farmer, the Man in the Moon,
All sing Elmer's tune