Talking About My Baby


I have a story that I would like to tell
Concerning this boy that I used to go with

You know what
Once I was deeply in love
At least I thought I was
But the guy that I was in love with
He wasn't in love with me
And it hurt me so bad
Yes it did

But I don't let that bother me
Because maybe someday in some way
I will find me a good man
To love me as I loved him

I won't have to be worried about my friends
Come tellin' me they saw your man last night with another woman
Because when they start tellin' ya that
They're just trying to get in for themselves

You know your close friends are the ones you have to watch these days
Because they are the dirty ones
They'll tell you something for just for you to quit your boyfriend
So they can get the chance to be with him
That's what I call dirty

But I call that man a dirty, dirty, dirty man!
Because he had to be dirty to treat me the way he did
So that's why I'm gonna tell ya

Somethin' told me, it was over
When I saw you and heard talking
Something deep down, in my soul? girl
When I saw you and her walking down
And oooh, baby baby
(Baby, baby, baby)