The Dark Battlefield

Raptured with murder
thirsty for blood
I walk between the corpses of my enemies
My shield beats back the strikes
My sword crushes the heads
blood covers my face
My scream reaches the sky
Our horde attacked from the hills
In the fog of dust and smoke,
enemy strewed us with arrows
few brave warriors died
the axes were shining horrible
Crossing with the swords
the warriors without shields
Had to die hopelessly
the dying men were screaming around
trampled by the fighting hordes
it was enough for me
I was loosing my mind
But i still was killing
The night came soon
I heard a horrifying sound of horns
Our horsemanship will attack soon
We must leave the battlefield fast
Heil moor asferoon
In the name of the moon
Under the heavy hooves
those who were too
strong for us will die