Broken Heart

You know what girl
I'm really hurting inside
I just dont understand how you could hurt me
And break my heart
Thats why I wanna sing this song
To let you know how I really feel
'Cause you broke my heart

What would you do
What would you do
What would you do if you had a broken heart
Sweethang sweethang

All I do is think of you
I'm so sorry for what I've done
I want you back in my life
I'm glad you still love me
Girl you know you broke my heart
Oh yeah


There's no other girl
Who can make me feel this way
You're so special
There's no one like you
I know that we'll get back together
If you don't break my heart


You know what girl
We've really been through a lot
You know and I know
That we gotta get back together
I just dont understand
I'm just thinkin' right now baby
Uh uh uh