I Am Your Flesh

My eyes are closed
I feel alone
there is something inside me
dripping and screaming

how can I feel love
when love was something
I never had?

talk to me-do you know me, and who I am
I am your flesh, remember me

tell me who I am, and I will tell you
what is behind that door;
there is a child who is waiting for you
No one to touch, no one to hold
I am alone, fighting against this disease
I lost my eyes
I lost my head
I lost my flesh and my heart
-who made me? you made me
I lost my blood
I lost my love
I lost my feelings, and
I am losing my mind

The child's blood was made by you,
do not blame him the killing were made by you,
do not blame him

Closed my eyes, left me alone-remember
A drug composed with the things that you do
drowning in words, though they never came through