Save Your Generation

I have a present: it is the present You have to
learn to find it within you If you can learn to love
it, you just might like it You can't live without
it There's a million open windows I'm passing these
open windows There is plenty to criticize It gets
so easy to narrow these eyes But these eyes will
stay wide I will stay young Young and dumb inside
I have just begun to forget my lines If you could
save yourself, you could save us all Go on living,
prove us wrong Your leap of faith could be a
well-timed smile Survival never goes out of style I
have a message: save your generation We're killing
each other by sleeping in Finnegan, begin again
This one can be won One can become two Two can pick
and choose You could be the first You have to learn
to learn from your mistakes You can afford to lose a
little face The things you break, some can't be
replaced A simple rule: every day be sure you wake