Sångtext Jennifer Lopez: Walking On Sunshine (Metro Remix)

Walking On Sunshine (Metro Remix)

I can't wait, wanna see
How this night is gonna be
Just a touch, away
From a feeling that is here to stay

We can make it last forever, baby
your love will stand the test of time
In the middle of our world, I'll be waiting
for you to be all mine

Chorus x2
We're walking on sunshine
In the middle of the night
And it feels like I'm somewhere
Above the sky I,I,I

Instrumental (8 Measures)

Take my hand, close your eyes
Say the sweet little things that make me cry
Catch my tears, with a kiss
These special moments do exist



Let's take a chance and try love baby
No one not giving up
Till you tell me that you'll be in my life
Until the end of time

Instrumental (24 measures)



Instrumental (8 Measures)

Chorus X4