Sångtext Liferuiner: You've Successfully Turned Blood Into Water

You've Successfully Turned Blood Into Water

Your struggles with humanity are disgusting
And your morality is next to nothing
We all watched you tear her down
Everyone watched your ruin, town to town
This is our stand

You couldn't steal an ounce of hope now
You won't drag another person down

I love my life
And that's something that you could never take from me
Your games and lies only manipulate the weak

Your time is up
Our time is now, this is our time, this is our pride

Come on let go
Just like you've done so many times before
You've got this down to a science
But I won't let this be a regret
I will never live in your regret

Come on let go
Just like you've so many times before
And when you see us comin
You better start fuckin runnin
For all the shit you've done
This is all I have for you, you piece of shit
You think your life's hard
Then fucking quit
Talking and talking
But we know what you said
But how the fuck do you expect to talk
When you're fucking dead

No matter what you say
No matter what you do
You'll never fucking change
Our hate remains