Mr Guilty

Call me Mr Guilty, Mr Guilty that's my name
Without a doubt it's all my fault, I'm the one to blame
You say that you're unhappy I do believe it's true
Cause I'm the one, the no good bum
That did it all to you

I'm so sorry, sorry as a man can be
I'm so guilty, this is my apology
You have been a victim, a pawn in my cruel game
I done you wrong, and I strung you along
And now I'm full of shame
To compensate for damage done
Well there's not much I can do
So I sit and drink and I sit and think
Of all I done to you
You're a martyr, taking all this time
I'm a villan, guilty of a dreadful crime, cry me a river
All your tears and logic, you know they
Finally made me see
I deserve the shame, I deserve the blame
The guilt belongs to me Yes you're innocent
You're as pure as driven snow
You've been had, I'm a cad, at least at last I know