Fake Tan

Hey Jimmy
What? What? What?
Hey Jimmy
What What What
Your Girlfriend is some loser
Well you see, It comes down to this

(attempted rap)

Jimmy is a dick and his girlfriend is a prick
She used to be a tranny she shoves things up her fanny
She has a big huge head and she takes up all the bed
She eats like a horse and it's always very coarse
I wanna do her mother and I wanna kill her brother
Cuz he's such a big pain in the ass
I'll kill him with a stick yeah i'll chop off his dick
I am 6 foot four i'm taller than his door
Anyways back to jimmy's girlfriend
She burns very easily so she uses

(some sort of choir)
Fake tan oh oh oh oh
Fa-ake ta-an oh oh oh oh
She uses fake tan cuz she's a fake bitch
Lets throw the bitch into the ditch
Faa-aake taa-aan oh oh oh