Makin' Hay

Woke late this morning forgot to shave
A hole in my jeans, got me a bad hair day
Like it or not, she's walkin' my way
Not a perfect setting, really wasn't ready
But I can't let this moment slip away
Makin' hay while the sun is shining
Leap of faith got to take that chance
Miracles have their own sense of timing
Got to be ready to make hay
While the sun is shining

Sweet country music on the radio
No cloud cover on that lover's moon glow
I kill the engine, she slides up close
But it's times like this that you just can't miss
So look out here I go for the kiss, I'm

Two young lovers who can't slow down
Great big dreams on the edge of a small, small town
We could just go home, we could turn around
Oh but I was thinking baby, I've never seen Vegas
So let's get crazy and lay that hammer down