Daddy waited up
In the kitchen by himself
I came stumbling in that night with liquor on my breath
He said son I know you live here
But this is still my home
Its my way or the highway
So I said alright Im gone

Pre Chorus:

And before I slammed that door I said I hate you
He just shook his head, and said ok


But you cant stop my love for you
It will be here that's a given
as long as I am living on this earth
know one thing is true
You could turn away forget me
Curse my name but love will never let you go
Son always know My love is unconditonal

Verse 2:

Life is like a circle
Slowly turning on itself
but girl it took losing you to finally know how bad it felt
We stood in this doorway
A year ago today
Holding all the pride and anger as we though our love away

Pre chorus:
And before you slammed the door you said I hate you
but tonight if only you could hear me say


You could turn away forget me curse my name
but love will never let you go My love is unconditional