Only Hate

Disgust for the standards set by you,
Disgust for your aims of mass control
Freedom is your silencing mechanism,
Fortunately for you people are too blind and ignorant to see,
That while you exist they will never be free

Your lies of freedom I spit upon,
From birth you have calculated our control
Born as a number on your little machines
A number to check upon, to keep under control

Now to the blind I'll help you see,
That you are born under a contract laid down by society,
Obligations to obey their laws, no freedom of speech
You are one mind, they are many
Justice has been decided by the narrow-minded bastards
Who lived centuries ago, leading the fools,
With the commandments of their false "God" they made up the rules

Fuck your morals I have my own mind,
To decide what is best for me
You know nothing of psychology, only of fantasy,
And love of order in your tidy, empty lives

From lies you built the order of society,
Scepticism your enemy, you try to make people believe,
From an early age so that they cannot retrieve,
Their instincts of life and questioning, so that they just
Follow blindly, but you'll never blind me

I have only hatred for those in authority,
And the blind fools who follow
So weak in spirit, never questioning
I have only hate for this fucking society

So weak
I have only hate for this fucking society

[Music - Gordon 10/1993]
[Lyrics - Greg 10/1993]

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