The Blood Of Tthe Eyes

I have not seen myself for ages
This empty shell cares no longer for life
Slowly replacing the flesh with steel,
So that I may carry on
Unfettered by this mortality

The air no longer carries favour,
The water that passes these lips
Keeps only this mortal shell alive

For hope has been not here,
Nor raised in it's form

And all is lost again
Eradicate the shadows, That dements these thoughts
And if I were to enter slumber?
Only sleep, guarded by a sense I may never wake,
Slipping into narcoleptic state

Seas of tormented bliss,
Ebb away from these barren shores

Nothing remains

Only pieces of this intimate jigsaw

And 'tis upon me again

The clock ticks on
And still I remain
Death wrenched upon my eyes,
To the birth of a second sight

Visions surround,
The haze of my labyrinth,
Angles of dimensions unreal, unseen

Blood, in the deep of my eyes,
Fires within the mountain

'Tis within my grasp
The point that will shall eventually reach,
And shall have no return

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