I'm Not Happy '94

I'm getting between your nerves like leprosy
Using mental telepathy, my treachery, treacherous over centuries
I never meant to be reincarnated
Matter of fact if it was up to me I wish that I had never been created
Them swinging swords hoards up in physical fords walking through forbidden
Doors hidden withinside of the morgue
People grimace when they witness business of the bloody instance
So keep your distance, the smell of bodies is covered by incense
I show no mercy blood splats up on my hockey jersey
Similar to physicians in rooms of emergency
So fuck the gats I'd rather hit you with the axe
Laugh while your skull cracks but I'm still not happy

(Chorus X2)

All I really want is to be happy
To find a love that's mine would be so sweet

I'm turning red blood cells into dead blood cells
Using microscopic utensils within your entrails
Pushing the limit of your chromosomes
Sitting on the throne made of human bones organize up into foam
I walk alone into pandemonium utilizing plutonium
To build a bigger better stronger weapon
I sense the presence of great evil
So I erase and drain every bit of the power source conceivable
Bringing about the beginning of ending
I'm sending the crucifier tending to your so called messiah
Within the fire I eulogise planetary demise
Feeling energized as another planet dies
And nothing could ever really make me give a fuck about
Anything you care about so why even bother
The blood I spill could fill the entire New York harbour
So hang the Holy Father and light the candelabra
(Chorus X2)
I'm slowly killing myself to live infact
I couldn't even begin to explain the effects of the drugs on my brain
Nothing positive could influence the trip I take
I'm drivin by the negativity I instigate
Without a doubt the bloody body count increases, you fall to pieces
My mouth releases terminal diseases
And everywhere you look there's another dead fucking schnook
Hanging from a bloody meat hook
I always keep a smile on my face
So I can hide what's really going on inside of my mind
I feel nothing and therefore I am nothing
I thrive upon your suffering and there's nothing that makes you feel happy
(Chorus X2)

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