On Your Way

1st Verse:
Hey there look over here I'm waving my arms to get your attention now so that we can start over I thought it'd be best if I talk this out with you before you got any ideas about ending this with me cuz' breaking up's not what I want to do with you but what will you do if given the chance to choose
I wish you well on your way to unhappiness This is where you say goodbye and never look back again cuz' I won't be there waiting
2nd Verse:
So much for happy endings I thought I could change you but change doesn't (never) comes easily and I never knew that if I wanted a good time but nothing more just go to you and I wish you well on your way to unhappiness for all I care you could be dying next to me and I wouldn't lend a hand to the face I can't bare seeing
The lesson is learned to well on your way to unhappiness you're on your way (4x) (Don't you wait for me cuz' I won't be there)-4x

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