The Art of Miscommunication

1st Verse: Farther from the start is where we are, and it's so hard to hold a conversation with, a lack of communication is, keeping us apart, and at large, is the missing link to this relationship
Pre-Chorus: So this is awkward silence now, and you can find out, where it goes, or what happens from here, this is your dying sound, either shut your mouth or I'll make it close, hold your thoughts across the room
Chorus: Broken hearts and open scars folding at the edges in a note, it's an envelope addressed to you, burning shards of glass filled jars holding in your grudges soon explode, it's all for show
2nd Verse: Closer to the end is where we've been, and I've never quit, but making small talk is like torture to a wall, unless you admit that I've won, and that you've sinned, but I won't forgive, the damages are done
Ending: choke on the 2nd hand smoke, filling up the air, clouding you with empty hopes, leaving you in despair

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