Verse 1:
From the motions & potions & comotions I've been running from
None of this reality & chastity will stop me from what I've done

Can you feel the anger, can you feel the rage
All through life I'm blindfolded, trapped inside a cage
I'm running out of patience, running out of prayer
The violence that you tought me, I never felt was fair

Verse 2:
All the silence & violence & the crying has seemed to change
All the youthless & ruthless & the unions finally seem deranged

Can you really blame me, I'm afraid of all this change
Do you think you own me, you're driving me insane
I am running out of breath now, please don't let me die
Even though you loath me, I'm still gonna see you cry

Verse 3:
Let go all this pressure & tension & suspension which your holding me
What I embarked on has darkened & shadowed me to death

You cannot really help me, you've done everything you can
I'm stretched upon the cross now, the shit has hit the fan
Don't you even love me, I've been faithful everyday
Betrayal now your motive, but soon you'll have to pay

Why don't you even listen, why don't you even care
The murder which you've commited, will put you in the chair


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