Eh-Em Eh-Em

Dem waan know whey mi use an hol di man dem
Bashment suppen
Nuff gal waan know but mi naah tell dem
Mad Dem, Well


Whol heap a gal a lust off a mi eh-em eh-em
Gal a carry malice through mi eh-em eh-em
Peter waan two offa mi eh-em eh-em
Caah Joan an har crew nutten naah gwaan fi dem

1 Bout dem a hotti hotti
Dem a hot gal fi who
An none a dem nuh ready fi di bashment crew
Mi hear say all some a dem eh-em waan glue
Nuh man naah feature fi dem avenue


2 Dem inna style but dem style dey wak
An from yuh see she wak yuh know da eh-em deh slap
An have the mind a wonder why nuh man nh come back
A ocean a swallow up di man dem


3 Mice an him fren dem nuh stop waan mi up
Dem man dey love di burger wid tomato ketchup
An say when him a drink him nuh drink out a cup
A so Madhouse man dem nuh stop butt him up


4 Hol heap a man a rush mi fi mi little an mi cute
Caw mi a gal whey drink all mi hot chainey root
When man a feature dem dem haffi carry parachute
An bullet proof vest caw nuff a dem a shoot


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