Abandon all hope, ye who enter here
This halfway house is home to a madman
His ghosts, and his perfect song
This year has been bruised and broken in so many ways that days have long since been abolished

But If all of this could bring my love back to me
I'd do away with the drugs and the drinkand the body count could cease
I've sensed her here, but I know that we're destined to stay seperated
and this is all my fault
For what it's worth
It's worsening, and my song demands an endingclosure
Karma can't control the beast
I've born to swallow us whole
Yes, my heart may beat again - but we all need medicine
So forgive me, love, I'm choosing a fitting end to the abusing
Last night, I leapt through the ceiling
There was just something appealing about leaving my body behind and coming through as you circled overhead
I said all the things that had been missing from the funeral that I had been forbidden from taking any part in
You forgave me for everything while the victims of the song sounded their applause
"The doctor has to go" was the last thing that you said as I found my body back in bed
but then, i guess it's always been his job to fix this

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